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September 29, 2022

By: Joey Krajewski

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Alrighty we are back for another glorious week of football, which means another weekend packed full of gambling. Last week wasn't our best week we tallied a record of 5-8-1, and a couple of teams absolutely had their way with my emotions. We officially have our first fraudulent team of the year in the Las Vegas Raiders who are remarkably bad, and find ways ways to lose games that are genuinely impressive with the talent they have. Moving on from that the Colts who were held scoreless the previous week against Jacksonville somehow managed to come out, and beat a Super Bowl contender in the Chiefs. When it comes down to it the NFL makes absolutely zero sense, but that's why we all love it because you never know what you're getting in any game. Let us all say a prayer to whoever your god is, and the gambling gods because I can already see this week really testing my sanity.

Thursday Night Football

Dolphins @ Bengals -3.5

This is absolute banger of a game, and it will make a strong case for color game of the year. The Bengals will be rocking their new all white uniforms and helmets as well with a new matching field which is so sick. We just have to pray that the Dolphins who arguably have the best color combo in the NFL come out in come sort of light blue, or orange color combo. Okay now that we are done with uniform talk let us get down to some ball. The Bengals finally got back on track last week with a win over the Jets which they desperately needed. The Dolphins on the other-hand are coming off a huge win over the Bills where they almost blew it at the end, but Josh Allen decided to throw a ball directly into the ground rather to a wide open receiver in the end zone. I think the Dolphins are the better team here, and especially as underdogs are the smart play... take the points and just pray Tua doesn't fu*k this up!

Sunday 1pm slate

Vikings -2.5 @ Saints

This game is very very close to being an absolute poop bowl, but since it's not a prime time game Kirk Cousins probably won't be god awful, he'll just be awful. The Saints are such an odd team to me because they should be good, but they're just not. Alvin Kamara has sucked as of recently, and Jameis has fallen back into his Tampa Bay days of throwing an egregious amount of interceptions. I think something to watch in this game will be Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson versus Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, and whoever wins that matchup their respective team will win. With that being said I think you have to lay the points, and take the Vikings here and lay the points.

Browns -1.5 @ Falcons

HOW BOUT THEM BROWNIES!!!! Let's be real this is most definitely a trap game for the Browns especially after coming off an emotional win over shitsburgh. The question of the game will be about Myles Garrett who was in a car accident earlier in the week, and wether he will be playing or not. Now he did not suffer any serious injuries the thought of him playing after a car accident is absolutely absurd. Now the Falcons are a backdoor covering WAGON, and that absolutely scares the piss out of me because this is such a tricky spread. Obviously the Browns are the play here, but I can already see the Falcons coming back late in the game, and forcing the Browns to kick a game winning field goal.

Commanders @ Cowboys -3

I am sick and tired of Cooper Rush fu*king me over two weeks in a row, and the Commanders absolutely suck balls. Carson Wentz has got to be one of the biggest POS quarterbacks in the NFL, and yes I know this dude was an MVP candidate at one point in his career but since then he has gotten so good shitting the bed. It has not mattered what team he is on, or who he is playing with he will shit the bed no questions asked. I think after saying that I will not let Cooper Rush screw me over so lay the points, and take the Cowboys as much as it kills me to say that.

Seahawks @ Lions -4.5

So this is a tricky tricky game here because I am a believer in the Lions, and I have contorted my mind to believe the Lions are a very good team and they're just not there yet. Good thing is though the Seahawks are terrible so the Lions should go in full Waterboy mode, and open a can of whoop ass on Seattle. Jared Goff hasn't looked terrible YET which is surprising, but I think says a lot of the development of this team. Amon-Ra St. Brown has been one of the most consistent receivers in the league, and rightfully so the dude has been BALLING so far. When it comes down to it the Lions are real or so I think, but lay the points take the Lions and watch Dan Campbell will this team to victory.

Titans @ Colts -3

Another game that is very very close to a poop bowl, and both teams that are very close to the fraudulent list. I don't think either team is very good, but they will still somehow win games they aren't supposed to win. I am going to go out on a limb here and call my shot like Babe fu*king Ruth, and I am calling a push right here. Yes you heard it right Matt Ryan is going to somehow take this team down the field in the final minutes, and the Colts will kick a game winning field goal to win by 3. I am really not sure if you can even bet the push, but if you can DO IT!.

Bears @ Giants -3.5

The Bears are complete and utter poop, and I don't see it getting any better for them. They are absolutely abysmal on offense, and I don't think the blame is completely on Justin Fields. Yes Fields hasn't played, but he has absolutely nothing to work with like his offensive line is actually terrible, Montgomery hasn't played well, and he has nobody to throw the football too so what do you expect out of the man? As for the Giants they are just a gigantic question mark. Daniel Jones is just a young Kirk Cousins, an incredibly average quarterback who refuses to win primetime games. Saquon though is a man amongst boys, but the downfall too that is he is literally the only offensive spark on this team. I think the Giants come in and win this game by touchdown, and Saquon has an unreal game.

Jags @ Eagles -6.5

Okay I am going to go out on a limb here and call this the game of the week. The Jags are coming off two huge wins over the Colts and Chargers, and now they run into an absolute buzz saw in the Eagles. I do want to throw in the fact that this is a revenge game for Doug Peterson who was previously the head coach of Eagles where he won a Super Bowl, and is now the head coach of the Jaguars. Okay, now moving onto the Eagles who are an absolute WAGON. Jalen Hurts is playing lights out football, and is making an early case for MVP. The defense is absolutely ridiculous and loaded at every position, and they've only given up 15 points combined the last two weeks. I just don't think the Jags are at the level of the Eagles yet, and I do think this game will be close at halftime, but the second half is where the Eagles really take control of this game and end up winning this game by at least a touchdown, so lay the points and ride the Eagles.

Jets @ Steelers -3.5

Well the Jets get their guy back at quarterback in Zach Wilson, and have to go play the Steelers who are beyond desperate for a win after they just got embarrassed by the Browns. Now can we be real for a second in the fact that both these teams suck, but they suck at different levels. The Steelers are atrocious on offense, but have a respectable defense even without reigning DPOY Tj Watt. The Jets just suck everywhere, and yes I know Zach Wilson is back but I'm not sure that does much for them since Joe Flacco wasn't playing bad. Their defense is nonexistent, and this is just not a good situation for the Jets who are going against a very hungry Steelers team. I think the smart play is laying the points and going with the hungrier dog here in the Steelers.

Bills -3.5 @ Ravens 

Moving onto the Bills versus the Ravens which on paper could very well be the game of the week is a game that will get ugly late in the game. The Bills are coming off a heart breaking loss to the Dolphins and do not have a slouch this week in the Ravens. Now this Ravens teams is very very one dimensional on offense which is basically just Lamar Jackson running around and then throwing every so often to Mark Andrews. The Ravens defense is just not what it use to be, and I still think it's a respectable defense but it's just not a typical top 5 Ravens defense. With that being said I think it's the Bills here lay the points and trust Josh Allen.

Chargers -5 @ Texans 

The Chargers should be absolutely dead to me, but I just can't do it to them especially when they're playing the gosh dang Texans. Yes I know the Chargers are dealing with a boatload of injuries on both sides of the ball, and they haven't quite lived up to the preseason hype but they're going to absolutely boat race the Texans. If the Texans can't beat the freaking Bears there is no way in hell they are going to cover against the Charger nuff said is Charger -5 book it.

 4pm slate

Cardinals @ Panthers -2

Ahhhhh my arch nemesis the Arizona Cardinals. I am so unsure about how I feel about them because one week I love them and they shit the bed, and the following week I hate them then they go out a light it up. Luckily for the Cardinals they're playing on of the worst QB's in the league in Baker Mayfield who has been downright atrocious so far this season. I think this is a get right game for Arizona where Kyler Murray will look very good since there is no Call of Duty beta this weekend so he should be well rested, and I'm sure watched his contracted 4 hours of film this week. So take the points in this game, and if you're a Browns fan flick this on and watch Baker embarrass himself.

Patriots @ Green Bay -10.5

This is a very easy game, but it may be in the scary easy where you don't want your mind to play games on you. Mac Jones is out which means Brian Hoyer will be the starter for the Patriots, and Hoyer is 0-11 in his starts, and on the flip side I think Aaron Rodgers is starting to heat it up. Do I think 10.5 points is a lot? Yes obviously, but the Packers are still really good and have one of the best throwers of the football of all time under center. Lets not overthink this game lay the points take the Packers, and eat some delicious cheese while watching the house the Pats.

Broncos @ Raiders -2.5

Ahhhh my poop bowl of the week. You got the fraudulent Raiders against the Broncos who will eventually make their way on the fraudulent list by the end of the season. I cannot and will not let myself place any sort of bet on the Raiders till next season. Now, will I eat my words on that statement? Probably, but for right now it's "F" the Raiders plain and simple. I do not feel good about this bet whatsoever, but I will sleep better at night knowing I did not let Derek Carr, and his stupid face screw me over again. Take the points let Russ cook and ride the Broncos into the sunset.

Sunday Night Football

Chiefs-2.5 @ Buccaneers

So this game is really throwing me for a loop here, and rightfully so I mean this game is scheduled to be played right where a hurricane just went directly through. So I will be placing my bet strictly on the quarterbacks of this game, and there is absolutely no way I will ever go against Tom Brady. Are the Chiefs better on paper? Maybe, but Tom is just different man and I don't think it matters who is catching the ball for him. The Chiefs aren't a crazy defensive team so I don't think the lack of weapons will hinder Brady that much. Now if this game is going to be played in Tampa it's Brady all day if they relocate this game is where it gets tricky where you could make an argument for the Chiefs, but I will be riding with the GOAT and taking the point its Bucs all day!

Monday Night Football

Rams @ 49ers -2.5

While I know last week I proclaimed the 49ers were an elite Super Bowl caliber team, and I still believe that, and it is just going to take some time. I think with Jimmy G not getting any preseason work, and Kyle Shanahan having to reconvert the playbook back to what they ran with Jimmy is a real thing. Now on the flip-side the Rams are for some reason the quite juggernauts, and I think that is because they are the epitome of consistency. Now lets be real they have the best player in the league in Aaron Donald, best DB in the league in Jalen Ramsey, and one of the best receivers in the league in Cooper Kupp. I think this game is a very predictable one where it will be close, and in the end the Rams will drive down the field and kick a game winning field goal as time expires. So don't over think this take the points bet on one of the best teams in the game and let Matty Stafford win this one for you to wrap an awesome weekend of football.

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