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September 22, 2022

By: Joey Krajewski

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I'M BAAAAACKKKKKKKK. Well hello beautiful people we are back for the NFL week three betting preview, and boy am I excited for this upcoming week. Let’s do a little recap first before we get into the nitty gritty stuff. So far I am 15-17 on the year so far which isn't great, but there is a whole lot of football left, and we're going into this week with positive vibes looking to go a perfect 16-0 this weekend. Let's lock in this week, and send some prayers to the betting gods.


Steelers @ Browns -4.5 

DAWWGGGGGG CHECKKKKKK. What more can you ask for??? Thursday Night Football in Cleveland for Browns vs Steelers. This is simple people it's the Browns here all day every day. Shitsburgh's offense is remarkably bad, and even though the Browns defense has been borderline embarrassing I think this has to be the least fearing offense the Browns have faced so far. On the flip side the Browns offense has been getting things going, and I think a heavy dose of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt is in store for the Steelers defense. I think the Browns cover here, and go up a game on the Steelers in the division.

Sunday 1pm

Ravens -3 @ New England 

This is such a tricky game simply because I do not know what I'm getting out of the Patriots who has held their opponents to 20 points or less. One of those opponents being the Dolphins who beat the Ravens 42-38 last week. I think this boils down to the best player in this game, and that is Lamar Jackson he is just too versatile, and explosive for this Patriots defense. I think the safe play here is to buy a half point here, and take the Ravens -2.5.

Bengals -5 @ Jets

Alrighty this game is puts me in a mental pretzel because the Jets absolutely tore my heart out, and somehow came-back and upset the Browns. Flip side I still have the Bengals of last year still stuck in my head, and I don't think they're the same team. I think just simply out of respect for the Jets for what they did to me last week I have to take the points ride with ole Joe Flacco, and pray to the gods they look half as good as they did in the last two minutes of the game last week for this week.

Saints -3 @ Panthers

This is simple the Panthers are bad, and the Saints this year will be the team that will destroy these bad team and look like they belong with the elite teams when they really don't. I don't this Panthers defense will force 3 interceptions nor will they sack Winston 6 times. I do believe the Saints will also get star running back Alvin Kamara back which will drastically change this offense. I think the safe play is take the Saints -3 here.

Chiefs -7 @ Colts

The Colts and their stupid quarterback Matt Ryan are dead to me. If you tune into The Over/Under Podcast the Colts vs Jaguars were our side bet of the week, and unfortunately I had faith in the Colts and in return they turned around and stabbed me right in the heart. With that being said I hate the Colts and refuse to put my money on them so I'll be riding with the Chiefs -7 here.

Texans +2.5 @ Chicago 

This is just an absolute poop game right here. Both teams are not very good, and it could be an absolute shit show of a game. This game kind of put me in the same position of the Ravens and Patriots game where I have to go with the best player on the field which I believe is Justin Fields. I think Justin will somehow manage to pull this team to a cover, and I am confident he can somehow beat the Texans by at least a field goal.

Eagles -6.5 @ Washington 

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES EAGLES EAGLES!!!!!! The Eagles mopped the floor with the Vikings last week, and showed the world they are one of the best teams in the NFC. With that being said the Eagles are the play here, and I don't think this game ever gets close. Jalen Hurts is going to throw all over this awful Commanders defense, and the Eagles receiver room should be licking their chops at this one. I think the score is similar to the eagles MNF game, and they win big.

Raiders -2 @ Titans

Now this is another tricky one because you got the Titans as home underdogs after getting embarrassed by the bills on MNF, and the Raiders who blew a late lead to the Cardinals. When it comes down to it I just trust the Raiders more. I think they have the better qb, better weapons, and pretty even on defense, so I think you have to lay the points here is and take the Raiders -2.

Bills -6 @ Dolphins

This could very well be the game of the day, and rightfully so because you have arguably the best team in the league in the Bills, and what seems to be the most exciting team in the Dolphins. I think this game is pretty simple here, and it's the Bills -6. They're by far better in every facet of the game here, and they will completely dominate this game. You could make the argument about Tyreek Hill, but the bills defense has seen him before, and with a better quarterback! Do I think Tyreek will still have a couple absolutely mind boggling plays? Absolutely, but the Bills are just too much for them, and they cover here with ease.

Sunday 4pm

Jags +7 @ Chargers

This is a tough game because of Justin Herbert's injury. I think if Herbert doesn't play the Chargers will still be favored, but the line will change dramatically. I think with or without Herbert the Chargers are still the play here. Their defense is still very good, and the offense will still be competent no matter who is at QB. I think the smart, and safe play here has to be the Chargers -7 but I wouldn't place this bet till Sunday so you know the exact line and who the QB is.

Packers +2 @ Tampa Bay

This could end up being am all time game because we have two of the best quarterbacks of this generation in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, and yet they are both depleted with weapons. Tampa's star receiver Mike Evans will be out due to a suspension, and Green Bay's receiver aren't quite there YET. With that being said I think this boils down to defense, and Tampa has one of the best defenses in the NFC and they won't let these young receivers get open for easy catches. Going off what I just said the bet to place is Tampa Bay -2, and trust Tom Brady.

Atlanta +2 @ Seattle 

This is another poop bowl and this poop bowl is a little more confusing because you have the Seahawks at home where they beat the Broncos, and Atlanta who is 0-2, but has lost those games by a combined 5 points. I think with how Atlanta has been playing they are due for a win here, and especially against a weak Seattle defense without Jamal Adams who is out for the remainder of the season. I think Atlanta finally remembers in this game that they have Kyle Pitts in the red zone, and they come out and put the whooping on a down Seahawks team here.

Rams -4 @ Arizona 

Cardinals are absolute frauds, and I think the Rams expose them here. The Cardinals somehow pulled out a win against the Raiders by the skin of their teeth last week, but let's be real here the Rams and Raiders are in complete different categories and the Rams are going to embarrass the Cardinals. I will be laying the points and hammering the Rams.

Sunday Night Football

49ers -1.5 @ Denver

Welp the 49ers are back to being an elite team who will be competing for a Super Bowl. Unfortunately Trey Lance broke his ankle last week which low and behold sent in ole reliable Jimmy Garoppolo who has taken the 49ers to 2 of the last 3 NFC Championship games. I think the 49ers have to feel sort of relieved in a way because they know exactly what they're getting now at the most important position in sports the quarterback. Jimmy G will be on a god damn revenge tour and is coming for blood. I think the 49ers are about to go on an absolute tear and will dominate the Broncos, and easily cover the 1.5 points here.

Monday Night Football

Dallas +2.5 @ Giants

Well what's new here the overrated Dallas Cowboys on primetime television. Well I'll tell what is new the god damn Giants are playing some big boy football here. Brian Daboll has these boys going right now and especially the offense which has a rejuvenated Saquon Barkley, and Danny Dimes who has only turned the ball over once so far. The defense hasn't been world beaters but they're not giving up easy points like you would previously see from the Giants. I think this will be a nice win and huge momentum boost and confidence booster for the Giants beating the Cowboys. I think you lay the points trust Saquon, and lets be real who in their right mind would bet on a team whose starting quarterbacks first name is Cooper.

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