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September 15, 2022

By: Joey Krajewski

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Alrighty welcome back to my week two betting preview for this weekend packed full of NFL football. This is an interesting week because we're still trying to figure these teams out, and what they're really about. What is good to know though is that the odds makers really think they got this figured out, and boy are we about to make them look really dumb. This week we got an awesome 1pm slate, a questionable 4pm slate, an absolute banger for Sunday Night Football, and a double header for Monday Night Football. I do want to mention I have already given my picks on "The Over/Under Podcast" so if you'd like an audio version with some commentary please go take a look at that on Heart of Ohio Sports Facebook, or YouTube page.


Chargers @ Chiefs -3.5

What an absolute treat the NFL gave us for the first two Thursday Night Football games. Going into this pick I LOVED the chargers, but then I had to stop myself and think about it for a quick second. Why is gods name would I ever bet against Andy Reid, Pat Mahomes, and Travis Kelce? With that being said I'm riding with the Chiefs here, and for the record I will buy the extra point down to get the Chiefs at -2.5.         

Sunday 1PM

Jets @ Browns -6 o40                 

This is simple don't overthink this take the damn Browns and hammer it hard, and I like the over as well. I think a heavy dose of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt make this an easy one, but I think the Jets will score some garbage time points in this game as well which is why I like the over. If the Browns can limit Jacoby's attempts and stay in front of the chains and keep running the ball they will dominate this game.

Commanders @ Lions -2.5   

Well the Lions have broken the streak of being home underdogs for 24 straight games which was by far the longest in the Super Bowl era. With that being said I LOVE the Lions here. I think last week the Lions forgot they were playing real football in the first half, and then they came back and really turned it up, and gave themselves a chance to win the game at the end, but fell short. I do really like the Lions offense especially their RB tandem of Swift and Williams, and I think they come out run the ball , and win this game buy a touchdown.

Bucs -3 @ Saints                

Ahhhh the New Orleans Saints better known as Tom Brady's kryptonite in the NFC South. I will be hammering the Saints to cover here, and maybe sprinkle a little bit on that money-line if you're feeling ballsy. Now Alvin Kamara is dealing with a rib injury which would limit their rushing attack, but I think with their weapons on the outside they just need to be able to keep that defense honest with the a competent rushing attack, so I could see another big week for Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Chris Olave.       

Panthers @ Giants -2.5  

The Giants were one of the most surprising teams in week one after upsetting the Titans. I think the Giants do it again here and cover against the panthers. Saquon Barkley is a man on a mission here, and boy is he all the way back to his normal self. I think Daboll will get the boys right for this one and this will be an easy cover for the Giants here.

Patriots -1.5 @ Steelers       

What a tricky tricky game here. This is the first time since 1998 in this meeting that there will be no Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger under center which is absolutely crazy to think about. With that being said I'm riding with the Patriots here, but I don't love it. I think these offenses are two of the worst in the league, but on the other end these defenses are very very good. The Steelers will be without reigning DPOY Tj Watt which is a huge blow to that defense, but I still think this is a very good defense without him. I think Mac Jones bounces back after a rough week one, and has himself a decent game and I think he'll come out of Shitsburgh with a dub.

Colts -4 @ Jags

I know the Colts have struggles playing in Jacksonville, but there is no way in hell I will put my money on the freaking Jaguars, so I will be riding with the Colts here. I think getting All-Pro linebacker Shaq Leonard helps them tremendously on defense, and the offense with Johnathan Taylor, Matt Ryan, and Micheal Pittman Jr will be hitting on all cylinders. Does it scare me that the Colts haven't won in Jacksonville since like 2019 yes, but I am doing reverse psychology on myself here and hammering the Colts.

Dolphins @ Ravens -3.5       

This in my opinion is the trickiest game of the day because I just don't know what to expect out of each team. I know the Dolphins beat the Patriots last week and the Ravens dominated the Jets, but that's not saying much about each team because they were supposed to win those games. When it comes down to it I just don't completely trust Tua yet, and I still cannot stand watching a left handed QB, and I just don't know why. I think the play has to be the Ravens at home and buy the extra point, and get them at -2.5.

Sunday 4pm

Falcons @ Rams -10.5         

This game is so damn simply because of how big the spread is. This has to be a gut feeling type of game and although my stomach may be completely empty at the moment it says the Rams. I think Cooper Kupp, and the Rams will be too much for the Falcons here and win this game by two scores. I think this is another game where you buy a point and take the Rams -9.5 so you give them ability to win by 10 which is how I think this game end.

Seahawks @ 49ers -9.5       

This is such a head scratcher of a line here that I'm just not sure what the odds maker were watching last week. The 49ers looked like absolute dog sh*t last week, and yes I know they were playing in what seemed like a monsoon, but Trey Lance is 1-2 in his three starts with a 55% completion percentage. I think the smart play is taking the points and riding with the Seahawks -9.5, and praying to god Geno Smith doesn't shit the bed quite yet.

Bengals -7 @ Cowboys      

I think this is an easy pick here, and it's the Bengals -7. There is no way in hell I will be putting my money on a team when the starting quarterback's first name is Cooper. Granted Joe Burrow played like crap last week I think that only adds fuel to the fire, and he'll bounce back to the typical Joe Burrow we know. I think this is an easy cover here by Cincy, and they walk out of Jerry World embarrassing the Cowboys for the fraudulent team they are.

Texans @ Broncos -10         

Here we are again with another line that make me question wtf were the odds maker were watching last week. This is a simple bet here and unfortunately it's on the gigantic neck of Davis Mills. This is not a Davis Mills pick here this is a Lovie Smith pick. I think this Texans defense will come ready to play and keep this game a whole lot closer than 10 points so I will be taking the points and riding with the Texans.

Cardinals @ Raiders -6 o51.5

The Cardinals are absolute frauds and I think they're in for another ass whooping by another AFC West team. Do I think the Raiders beat them as bad as the Chiefs did? No, but I think the Raiders handle them easy enough that they will cover here. Lay the points take the Raiders, and let's have some fun and take the over as well in this game.


Bears @ Packers -10        

This is another tricky game in my opinion because Aaron Rodgers has literally owned the Bears for what seems like an eternity now, but he doesn't have the weapons you typically see in a Green Bay Packers team. On the other hand the Bears are still a question mark in my eyes, and I just don't know what we're going to get out them. I will be taking the points here and putting my money on the bears to keep this game close enough to cover.


Titans @ Bills -10 o48

Bills mafia nuff said. Don't overthink this lay the points and take the Bills. Josh Allen is on his way to the MVP, and this is just another stepping stone. The Titans will keep this game close in the first half, but I think the Bills just have too many weapons and blow this game open in the second half. If you're feeling ballsy like myself maybe sprinkle a little bit over.

Vikings @ Eagles -1.5        

This is such a tough game for me because I love the Vikings this year. I mean they are loaded with weapons, and their defense is so good. I think the Eagles do pose a very difficult matchup though because the Eagles are good on defense, and they're explosive on offense. With this game being in Philly I will be laying the points with the Eagles, and praying to god I don't see a Justin Jefferson griddy.

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