New Show "Mullin' It Over" to Launch on HoOS

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May 7, 2022

New Show "Mullin' It Over" to Launch on Heart of Ohio Sports

Heart of Ohio Sports is adding to their lineup with another new show, this one has a familiar ring to it. Mullin' It Over is a show that first debuted in 2017 as an idea from founder Nate Mullins after his time on a local morning radio show covering entertainment news. The original run lasted 37 episodes with the last episode coming in 2019. The shows were all live streamed on facebook and tackled a variety of topics such as sports, local food reviews, and much more.

With the launch of Heart of Ohio Sports, Mullins had always wanted to do a morning show, but didn't want it to be strictly sports oriented. That's when he had the idea to resurrect Mullin' It Over, only this time he wanted to make it a more structured format with weekly guests and special segments. While it will be mostly sports related, the idea is not to label it as strictly a sports show, as there will be a little something for everyone.

While the show will stream live every weekday at 8:30 on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and on our website at, some segments will be pre-recorded. Nate Mullins serves as the host as he tackles a variety of topics that are driving the conversation daily on social media and locally and around the world. Tune in weekly for interviews with local "celebrities", and watch as Nate travels to local businesses to interview owners while they are in their element.

Mullin' It Over can be found on facebook here:

The show will now stream LIVE every Mon-Fri at 8:30 am on Heart of Ohio Sports. Tune in on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or here on our website by clicking the "LIVE" tab on the homepage.

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Owner of Mullins Entertainment Productions, and head of sales at Heart of Ohio Sports, Nate has an associates degree in Music Business and over a decade of experience in media. Serving as play by play announcer on most broadcasts, Nate provides an energy and enthusiasm for sports that is unmatched in local sports media. Along with his duties at HOOS, he is a devoted husband, a father of three young men, Bailey, Gabe, and Issac, while also serving as the Sports Media Coach at Tiffin University. Follow him on twitter (X) at @N8_Mullins, or email

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